Bread Sticks 3.79

Hand rolled, infused with garlic, served with your choice of cheese sauce or marinara for dipping.

Garlic Bread Loaf 3.49/Half Loaf 1.79

A twelve inch loaf of crusty Italian bread infused with garlic butter and toasted to perfection.

Cheese Ravioli di Beppo 9.99

Italian cheese filled ravioli tossed in our roasted red pepper cream sauce.

Tuscan Potato Skins 7.49

Six potato shells topped with Provolone cheese, bacon, diced green onion, baked crisp and served with our ranch sauce.

Meat Balls Francesca w/Garlic Bread 7.99

Six or our signature Italian meatballs smothered in our traditional red sauce.

Garlic Flatbread 9.99

Our flatbread pizza crust topped with garlic sauce, Provolone cheese, oregano and freshly sliced garlic. Served with our marinara sauce for dipping.